Sunday, August 30, 2015

Everyday #3

Today something i made yesterday :) delicious tomato :) Second picture came from my lovely wife from Philippines - sunset przepyszne pomidorki i zachód słońca prosto z Filipin
Tomatos zachód słońca z Filipin

Friday, August 28, 2015

Everyday #2

Today I will love to show you guys, the longest bridge in the Philippines, named Sun Juanico bridge.
Wast build in 1973 so its 3 years older then me, and is 2,16 km long. Have a look, please on the pictures.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Everyday is a new tag, here I will upload new pictures and info, whats happen with me :) Everyday :)

Pic for today - sunset in London

Guiwanon Spring Park Siquijor

As you know, Siquijor is a very magical island. Not only proves that, the number of Hiller's (people who do magic), but the number of places that can really amaze, captivate. One of those places you can certainly include is Guiwanon spring park. This is a resort built on the air. The   structure of bamboo and wood, with small houses on trees, located on marshy ground. The whole impressive suspension bridge, because those  bridges are shaky and swingy. The entire resort is situated not far from the town of Siquijor toward the Larena. About one-third of the way. Descend a small bridge connecting the street from the park is already showing what can be expected in the middle of the park. Nice lady with the service desk sold us tickets 10 pesos per person (5 pesos per child if you traveling with children), and after a brief polite conversation we found ourselves in an enchanted place. The only thing you see at the beginning of a long bridge made of bamboo and wood, stacked about 4 meters above the ground, at the bottom of marshy land, like a forest in the water. Depending on the moon cycle, all more or less standing in water.