Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Perfect Holiday destination

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
The neighboring resort from the place where I stayed

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Perfect holiday destination

Summer in Philippines is everyday. You surely wouldn't ask why. It's a lot of places to see and explore in this country. Today, I share to you my experience in one of the most beautiful places and a must visit for tourist and for everyone. If you love beaching then come to Bantayan Island, Cebu. I can say it's a small version of Boracay. You will be amazed by its clear blue water beach and wide powdery white sand.

It is so easy to get to this beautiful island, just prepare your ass for the trip. From Cebu City North Bus Terminal you can get a bus going to Hagnaya Port which I paid 160 pesos per person. Travel time is approximately 3-4 hours  and 30-45 minutes on a boat. You can check on this site the updated schedule and fare of the ship going to the island.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Are you planing to stay longer in the Philippines ? Guide

Are you planing to stay longer in the Philippines ? Guard - tracing the paradise

A guide to find a house in the Philippines

Hello, A few days ago, someone asked me what to do to stay longer or permanently in the Philippines. I thought this was a cool topic to write in the blog. It's been a while since i published the last article, which i wrote for those planning to visit Philippines on holiday. Now i will write what to do to settle in the Philippines for a longer time or permanent. 
You already know how to get a visa, from the Visa article, so i will not write about it, here i decided to focus on tips on how to find a house, how much it will cost you, and where to look for it. Here  are some information from my own experience, to make it easier for you to start. To be honest, before i rented my own house in the Philippines, I was looking for useful informations on the internet, but unsuccessfully, I could't find much information at all. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Everyday #3

Today something i made yesterday :) delicious tomato :) Second picture came from my lovely wife from Philippines - sunset

poszukujacraju.pl przepyszne pomidorki i zachód słońca prosto z Filipin

poszukujacraju.pl zachód słońca z Filipin

Friday, August 28, 2015

Everyday #2

Today I will love to show you guys, the longest bridge in the Philippines, named Sun Juanico bridge.
Wast build in 1973 so its 3 years older then me, and is 2,16 km long. Have a look, please on the pictures.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guiwanon Spring Park Siquijor

As you know, Siquijor is a very magical island. Not only proves that, the number of Hiller's (people who do magic), but the number of places that can really amaze, captivate. One of those places you can certainly include is Guiwanon spring park. This is a resort built on the air. The   structure of bamboo and wood, with small houses on trees, located on marshy ground. The whole impressive suspension bridge, because those  bridges are shaky and swingy. The entire resort is situated not far from the town of Siquijor toward the Larena. About one-third of the way. Descend a small bridge connecting the street from the park is already showing what can be expected in the middle of the park. Nice lady with the service desk sold us tickets 10 pesos per person (5 pesos per child if you traveling with children), and after a brief polite conversation we found ourselves in an enchanted place. The only thing you see at the beginning of a long bridge made of bamboo and wood, stacked about 4 meters above the ground, at the bottom of marshy land, like a forest in the water. Depending on the moon cycle, all more or less standing in water.

Capilay spring park

Capilay spring park

Today, I want to take you to the beautiful place, which is worth a visit if you're on our island - Siquijor. Capilay Spring Park is situated in a very picturesque village aptly named Sun Juan. There is a fairly large swimming pool, fed with water from the stream. Fantastic is that swimming in it, sometimes you can come across quite a lot of fish, which indicates the purity of water that is in the pool. Slightly colder than in the sea, and the lack of salt, makes swimming here really nice. Bathers people are here a lot and at any time of the day and sometimes at night. We  swam here until almost midnight. Neighbourhood of the pool it's a small park with adapted to relax tables and benches. There are also several places where you can inexpensively buy something to eat or drink. The whole thing is fenced, the lack of any entrance fees. Capilay spring park is open non stop, it is a safe place itself many times I left everything on the swim bench, unattended and never heard that somebody lost something. Right next

Sunset - Siquijor

The island where we live  called Siquijor, it is located in a very beautiful area. On each side is covered by high mountains of neighbour islands, making, very safe place. Neither typhoons or tsunamis here no forearm. In Siquijor town sunset unfortunately is not so spectacular, the sun sets behind the top of the neighbour island. To see sunset, you need to go to a next village called Sun Juan. There is a very picturesque, one main street, houses and holiday resorts, white sand beach, not too deep water off shore. Here the sun is setting beautifully into the water, creating a spectacular show of orange and pink clouds. Every day brings a completely different experience. For me, the most beautiful sunset is when on the sky are small clouds. They make a spectacle of colours. Soon, we will go to  the other side of the island to look  the rising sun.
   I would like to show you this

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beautiful nature

Around beautiful nature living girlfriend of Alvin, yes that Alvin who is known from our videos, about his musician talents. With my wife Jingke we decided to visit Meschelle, she is mum of little baby, Alvin's son. The way to her house is very picturesque. A narrow lane, running all the way up, winding, with great views from all sides. Palm trees, corn fields, houses, and rather tiny bamboo hut, a lot of smiling children, shouting "hi" to everyone passing. Just before Meschelle house is a nice waterfall, I will write a separate post about it. What always draws my attention, people living in the mountains, those poorer, live in larger communities, more stick together, they are more polite and nice. More live in the moment - here and now. Their openness is so amazing that how many times I go to such places, I do not want to go back. And I still remember the time , when I lived in London, in the centre of the concrete, where the  the neighbours from the house next door, where it was not appropriate to talk to them. Because everyone has their case and their stress. I do not want to mention

Friday, March 13, 2015

CFO Step by Step for Filipino

How to proces SFO in Philippines
SFO step by step

CFO step by step

My experience to get the CFO certificate was easy and I can say would be fast if you have all the complete requirements and documents that are needed and you must bring. The CFO is needed for all Filipino spouses, and fiancée who will travel abroad, this is a sticker which is stamp to your passport which is needed before your departure, without this they can’t let you fly. A certificate also is needed from them for applying passport to use your partner’s last name.  For more information about this you can read www.cfo.gov.ph
First thing, I did registered online for the appointment date, I printed out. I had my appointment set February 20, 2014 at 2:00 pm at CFO Office in Cebu, which is 2 hours travel ride on a ferry from the place where I live. I went in Cebu the day before my appointment just to make sure that I will have the certificate that I need. It’s not first come, first serve.
I was already 4:00 o’clock in the morning at the office and these are the steps basing on my experienced:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to marry a Filipina

Foreigners who wants to marry a Filipina

Foreigners who wants to marry a Filipina

This article goes to all foreigners who are about thinking to marry a Filipino citizen in the Philippines. I will share the things that we done with my partner. There are two choices if you both want to get married, the Civil Wedding and the Church Wedding. Before thinking which one to choose, it always depends on your budget. My partner and I chose the Civil Wedding. It’s the fastest, easy and cheap way for us since my partner Tom will need to get back to UK soon. We didn’t have enough time and money for Church Wedding besides we need the papers for me to get easily the passport and visa to go with him or follow him at UK. Hopefully it will be that fast, we will see how once I will start doing my papers for that. Our civil wedding is very simple but for me and with him it’s the most special day since I am officially now his wife. We did our ceremony here in my hometown. I suggest to do the wedding in a small town province, it’s more easy and fast to do than in big cities. First thing we do is we went to the city hall or the town hall to get the requirements. There are just 4 main requirements : 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Which Internet to choose in the Philippines

Today I would like to say about the Internet. As you agree with me, life without internet connection will be difficult. Here we have a range of possibilities, from the internet on the phone, wireless internet, and the cable. It all depends on how you are going to use it, and if you will like to travel with in the Philippines, or do you want to use it in one place. I will try to focus on one of the best.

Smart Bro

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mountain expeditions

Ormoc - on the way 
   Today I wanted to tell you about our mountain expeditions. Beautiful scenery, great people, sunny weather and wildness of nature. Living in Ormoc - Leyte, we went to Jhing's family, living up high in the mountains. A small village named Masumbang. It was a perfect time to visit the place for the celebration of fiesta. Probably you will ask what is a "fiesta". I'll try to explain it to you. Fiesta is the most common celebration in every island and province here in the Philippines. They are celebrating the Saint or patron of the church in every village, celebrating its day name, and whole village is very busy preparing to celebrate the fiesta. It all starts from the Mass in the church, and then in every home there is plenty of food. Tradition here is that we all go from house to house to fill up and to fill up :) Rich people kill a pig and roast it on a spit, and some cook rice and vegetables. In each house are wide open doors and everyone is welcome. At the entrance to the apartment is distributed plates and cutlery, inviting you to help yourself. Then, more often owner of the house propose something stronger to drink :) visiting several of these houses... there is no chance to walk on own legs :) So enough about fiesta :)
In the mountains with Jhing

We started our trip early in the morning. To the village  Masumbang we travelled by bus, and nearly of the mountain, we asked the motor drivers called Habal Habal I do not know how you describe this journey. Drivers of high school, narrow road sometimes almost vertically upwards, the road or rather path, blurred by the rain, and the bewildering speed. The only association I had only watched it on the TV competition motorcross. When we got there, there was nothing else to do then congratulate the incredible efficiency in running motor. Immediately in the place Jhing's cousin greeted us, invited us to a great feast. Delicious grub, excellent coffee, a lot of questions about everything. Uncle started playing on handmade guitar, singing, the atmosphere had become excellent. After a while we moved on to the next apartment, where we waited for our food and drinks. This time it was the house of the local mayor (here called - Captain). After graduating from pressing on the power of food, we decided to buy a bottle of rum, and we went to Jhing's cousin, where we stayed over night. The
Wild parrot in the mountains
road  for me was amazing. Spectacular views, nature at your hand, wild parrots, beautiful green, strange screeching :). One thing that was very striking, is the mass of fallen trees, many of palms without branches. Destroyed homes, fallen logs, even those big metal structures and cables where less than three months ago was sent high voltage lay on the ground. The power of nature is amazing. When we got there, we were invited to another meal, this time it was a freshly plucked coconut, very refreshing. And what happened next? is already in the next post.



   Welcome all to my new blog. Here I am going to put more of my thoughts, and share with you the feelings and emotions. I will try to inspire you, to make your dreams come true.

My motorbike and trip around UK
Let me introduce a short story, of how it happened that I went to  Philippines.
  Over the last 10 years I lived in the British capital - London, where I had a great work, mass of friend, my life ... but my dream has always been to travel, I'm not talking here about Europe because I've been in many places, I always dreamed to go to Asia. Asia has always attracted me with its magnetism. Spirituality, culture, human behavior, nature ... all of this meant that I wanted to just go there. And so I lived for a time of my dreams, building them to become bigger and bigger, to have more and more details... 
One great day, along with my colleague, we talked about his dreams ... as it turned out, we both wanted to go in the direction of Asia.