Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Perfect Holiday destination

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
The neighboring resort from the place where I stayed

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Perfect holiday destination

Summer in Philippines is everyday. You surely wouldn't ask why. It's a lot of places to see and explore in this country. Today, I share to you my experience in one of the most beautiful places and a must visit for tourist and for everyone. If you love beaching then come to Bantayan Island, Cebu. I can say it's a small version of Boracay. You will be amazed by its clear blue water beach and wide powdery white sand.

It is so easy to get to this beautiful island, just prepare your ass for the trip. From Cebu City North Bus Terminal you can get a bus going to Hagnaya Port which I paid 160 pesos per person. Travel time is approximately 3-4 hours  and 30-45 minutes on a boat. You can check on this site the updated schedule and fare of the ship going to the island.

The plan is to stay overnight on a tent but there was no place to rent a space for tent. So I decided to rent some cheap rooms. Luckily, after a few minutes spending time looking for rooms I found one which is I so like. It's a walking distance from the port, and the room is in beach front view. I paid 500 pesos for one night and it's really not bad. It has own toilet a small bed and a fan. There is also an area where you can cook. It's prefect! So I extended my stay for another night to enjoy the island.
To explore what is in this island well you have to hire a habal habal driver (local driver transport) or just rent a motorbike and drive yourself. You can rent it in 24 hours for 350 pesos with full tank in return of the motorbike. So I chose to rent. First night in this island was not sleep, instead I went strolling around and stop by in an area with some bars and restaurants. It was also some karaoke and some live band. I just had a few drinks meet few people then decided to go back at the place where I stayed and save enough energy for my exploration.
Swimming is my first plan to do after a cup of coffee in the morning and stroll around the island. In this island you will find some caves, one of this where I went is Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort, this place also has some rooms to rent, infinity pool and foot spa. Entrance fee is 200 pesos if you just want swimming in the pool and cave, fish spa is free! Another cave is called Ogtong Cave. I didn't have time to go there since, I just have 2 days only in this beautiful island I have spent more time on beach which is I really enjoy the most. :-)

Here are some pictures I took by myself ;-)

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
My front view from the room and the best area where I spent more time on swimming 

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
Bar at night
Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
Fish spa at Bantayan Nature Park and Resort

Beaching in Bantayan Island - Tracing the Paradise
The cave in Bantayan Nature Park and Resort 

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful small island just like how I was enjoying it. :-)

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