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Are you planing to stay longer in the Philippines ? Guide

Are you planing to stay longer in the Philippines ? Guard - tracing the paradise

A guide to find a house in the Philippines

Hello, A few days ago, someone asked me what to do to stay longer or permanently in the Philippines. I thought this was a cool topic to write in the blog. It's been a while since i published the last article, which i wrote for those planning to visit Philippines on holiday. Now i will write what to do to settle in the Philippines for a longer time or permanent. 
You already know how to get a visa, from the Visa article, so i will not write about it, here i decided to focus on tips on how to find a house, how much it will cost you, and where to look for it. Here  are some information from my own experience, to make it easier for you to start. To be honest, before i rented my own house in the Philippines, I was looking for useful informations on the internet, but unsuccessfully, I could't find much information at all. 

How did it look in my case ? The only think I found when I arrived on the island was pre- booked a small hotel - guest house. It was one of the cheapest I found on the internet. I paid 500 pesos a night, and I was captivated by the location, right on the beach. On the second day I begin to ask people about a house to rent. The more people you will ask, the better the chance of finding it. It took a week, when I heard from people about house to rent from the mayor of the island. When I get there, I seen two bedroom house with large living area. I paid 5000 pesos per month with a month of deposit. You can see this story on the Youtube channel. I think it is important to have a friendly attitude towards the Filipinos, and talk to them. If there is anyone who looks at others in advance, who is arrogant, it will be difficult for him to live in the Philippines. It is best to blend into the environment, to play with them and talk. The Filipinos are a very open and friendly people.
In big cities, it is probably easier to find a place, but i was only interested in living on the a small island, away from a developed civilization. I have lived in London for so many years, enough of big cities. 
Boarding house. 
If you are planning to stay in the Philippines for a few months or longer in the city, it is great alternative to rent a room in the boarding house. You can rent a cheap room, usually around 1000 to 2000 pesos a month, but you have to be aware of the condition of the properties, it is not Polish dormitories. Philippine students usually can not afford such things us air conditioning, so do not even ask :) Safety matter ? I never lost anything in the Philippines, but you have to have eyes and ears wild open and do not tempt fate. Ups i would have lied… in the first week in Manila, my phone was stolen, and a year later in Cebu, as I was walking through the streets someone stole my orange socks from my backpack. Why did these socks stuck in my memory ? That night I was in the ferry on the way from Ormoc to Cebu, it was so cold night. I think I will write an article about traveling in the Philippines soon. 
In sum, I would pay attention to budgeting, don't give up. For Filipinos you are a stuffed wallet, so for you everything will be more expensive always. On the other hand, if you will look on the earnings there you will understand. 

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