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CFO Step by Step for Filipino

How to proces SFO in Philippines
SFO step by step

CFO step by step

My experience to get the CFO certificate was easy and I can say would be fast if you have all the complete requirements and documents that are needed and you must bring. The CFO is needed for all Filipino spouses, and fiancée who will travel abroad, this is a sticker which is stamp to your passport which is needed before your departure, without this they can’t let you fly. A certificate also is needed from them for applying passport to use your partner’s last name.  For more information about this you can read
First thing, I did registered online for the appointment date, I printed out. I had my appointment set February 20, 2014 at 2:00 pm at CFO Office in Cebu, which is 2 hours travel ride on a ferry from the place where I live. I went in Cebu the day before my appointment just to make sure that I will have the certificate that I need. It’s not first come, first serve.
I was already 4:00 o’clock in the morning at the office and these are the steps basing on my experienced:

  •  I logged my name to guard’s logbook, the guard told us to wait and eat some breakfast because the office opens at 7:40
  •  I line-up for registering inside the office, and the officer will check if you have complete requirements
  •  I waited my name to be called, and they give me a GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING FORM to fill up
  • After filling up I gave back to the officer they checked and captured a picture of me
  • Paid 450 pesos 

Required documents for SFO 

After paying they told me to be back at 12:00 pm for the seminar and prepare all the documents. There are 2 sessions per day and the officer will set your time depending on the country of your destination. These were all the documents that I have in my folder (Original and Photocopies)

My Clearances ( applicant’s clearance: Barangay, Police, NBI Clearance ),  Birth Certificate of me and from my husband, Marriage Certificate
Some other documents that I take with me were:
  • Copy of my partner’s passport
  • Pictures together and with the family member
  • Pictures together and with the family member
  • If you’re partner has been divorced or widowed, you should need to bring all the papers from them.

I went back to the office 11:45, the morning session isn’t done yet, we waited like one and half hour, the session started already 1:30. It was like a film showing about the Filipinos who had bad experienced in other nations, their vision and mission it was like one hour of watching. After, we were divided into two groups for European and American session. An officer will be assign in each group, the officer will share some stories of Filipinos. What to expect, what to do, what you must not do when you get to other nation. After the group session, the officer will interview us one by one. I was a little bit nervous, specially when she said she will only release the certificate when she is satisfied and if we have complete requirements. She wants also all documents must be translated in English ( I was OMG ) my husband’s birth certificate wasn’t translated English. Shakeey moments!! The applicants before me wasn’t able to get the certificate, I don’t know why she just straight away left the office. In my turn, the officer ask me a few questions, how and when did we start talking with my husband, where did we met, how long he have been living here. What’s his work, if we have children. She asked me for pictures, I gave to her including the ACR of partner and the copy of his passport. She signed the form without smile and said to me to go to the counter and they will release me the certificate. I was like OMG!!! I smiled so widely to her and I thank her with my deeply wide smile, but still she has no reaction. I think she is really tired. I went out of the room after and went to the counter gave the papers. After like 5 minutes I have my certificate in my hands and they told me to come back when my passport and visa is release for the sticker. I left the office almost 6:00 pm and went back to the ferry port with a big smiling happy face going home.

how to process SFO in the Philippines
SFO certificate 
Now I can apply for my passport and next will be for my VISA. Good luck and God Bless!!

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