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How to marry a Filipina

Foreigners who wants to marry a Filipina

Foreigners who wants to marry a Filipina

This article goes to all foreigners who are about thinking to marry a Filipino citizen in the Philippines. I will share the things that we done with my partner. There are two choices if you both want to get married, the Civil Wedding and the Church Wedding. Before thinking which one to choose, it always depends on your budget. My partner and I chose the Civil Wedding. It’s the fastest, easy and cheap way for us since my partner Tom will need to get back to UK soon. We didn’t have enough time and money for Church Wedding besides we need the papers for me to get easily the passport and visa to go with him or follow him at UK. Hopefully it will be that fast, we will see how once I will start doing my papers for that. Our civil wedding is very simple but for me and with him it’s the most special day since I am officially now his wife. We did our ceremony here in my hometown. I suggest to do the wedding in a small town province, it’s more easy and fast to do than in big cities. First thing we do is we went to the city hall or the town hall to get the requirements. There are just 4 main requirements : 

1. CENOMAR ( Certificate of No Marriage )
2. Birth Certificate ( Original Copy )
3. Passport

4. Identification Card ( any valid Ids )

How much is cost ?

The CENOMAR is the paper which proves that you are single and never been married to anyone not even once. This paper is the main requirements, if you don’t have this they cant issued you or schedule your civil wedding ceremony. You can get and ask of this certification from your embassy here in the Philippines. Since my partner is a Polish, from Poland we looked for the polish embassy office here in Philippines but unluckily there is no Polish embassy here in the Philippines, the nearest embassy is in Malaysia. My partner and I were terribly worry, how can we get that paper if it’s in Malaysia? We didn’t have enough time and also we don’t have enough money just fly and get the paper. We almost decided to postpone the wedding, but that day I think it was really a lucky day for us. The worker from the office which is my mother’s friend came to us and said there is a solution for that she said just go get an Affidavit of No Marriage from an attorney and no need for anything else. We went straight away to the attorney’s office a bit nervous because we don’t have any idea how much we are going to pay for that paper. The attorney was so very nice and very entertaining. He just ask my partner if he is really single or didn’t married before like in a friendly funny way. It was so nice to talk and exchange jokes to those people after the conversation straight away the secretary printed out the paper that we need and paid Php500.00. What a relief !!!! We were so very excited on the way back to the town hall to submit the Affidavit of No Marriage, and the copy of my partner’s passport and visa. We fill out some form for the marriage and after that the worker ask when exactly we want to do the ceremony. Only every Thursdays and Tuesdays is the schedule. We chose the date August 21 after choosing the worker give us the receipt and we paid Php1, 800 – 2, 000 and for the worker who help us in the office we give her Php200 as her tip.

Our wedding 

Finally the day of my partner and I came August 21, my partner wears his suit while me wearing in my simple white dress. We went straight away to the hall where the Civil Wedding Ceremony is always held, with a little bit speech of the Mayor or Judge the exchange of promising and rings and the signing and booooom!! I’m officially his, and his officially mine. My husband, and I’m his wife. Straight away we went to our reception which is in our house! Yes! It is. Having a civil wedding is more cheap and easy way if you want to get married. Frankly speaking we didn’t spend a lot of money for the wedding what cost more was for the food and drinks for the party or the celebration and our honeymoon. Hehehehehe ;) It was a very very very lovely beautiful day that we are officially husband and wife. We are so very happy and much more happy seeing our friends and family celebrating with us and wishes the best for us. Hopefully very soon we can get married in a church with proper gown and suits and with the blessing of the holy church. Whatever wedding you chose it isn’t important or necessary to be like in a fairytale wedding, what important is the love and the happiness that you both want to spend the rest of your life with. It was already a dream come true and a fairy tale story for my husband and I before and since when we met and we want to have another journey as a husband and wife.. Wishing you all the best to those couple who are thinking to get married.. J 

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