Saturday, August 30, 2014

Which Internet to choose in the Philippines

Today I would like to say about the Internet. As you agree with me, life without internet connection will be difficult. Here we have a range of possibilities, from the internet on the phone, wireless internet, and the cable. It all depends on how you are going to use it, and if you will like to travel with in the Philippines, or do you want to use it in one place. I will try to focus on one of the best.

Smart Bro

Since I move in to the Philippines, I travel along with Jhing. Hence the need, to connect two computers to a single network with Internet access. The only network That has no downloading limits it's smart today. Previously, we used the Globe - and unfortunately 700 Mb limit per day is not enough to satisfy the daily needs, (this is just a few clips on Youtube, or one, or two in HD) I use the Internet for work, so you and torture, who now sends a movie or pictures, Whether we can not allow us to watch a movie that shows the place where we want to go, who will talk on Skype, and so on.
After researching information on the Internet, and after question all friends, the learned That the prices of all networks that are similar each other, and the only network that works without limits is smart. In Siquijor, we used smart bro stationary, that is, the antenna on the roof with a built-in modem (which operates on the 5 GHz network, Which amazed me and, has a range of up to 5 km) does a very good . We could watch videos from Youtube in HD, there was no problem with Skype connection. The only drawback is this Is That, you need a WIFI router because from the antenna, is just a wire with a plug to a single computer. In Addition to connect the WiFi router you need to ask Smart to set up internal modem settings in the antenna (the problem with the class of IP addresses, this modem has its own DHCP server, Which must be switched off) So it is a little west of time. In Addition, it is a contract for one year with the Smart. We were paying 490 pesos, at the signing of the agreement, and the monthly fee is 999 pesos. Every month comes a letter from SMART, and with this letter you will have to go to the Smart office, or they of the network Cebuana, where you can pay your bill.

Smart Bro Pocket WIFI

The best for travel is Smart bro pocket wifi. We purchased with Jhing a few months ago. The cost for this device  was 1900 pesos. It is a tiny modem, which can connect up to 10 devices via wifi. The modem is portable, has a built-in battery that lasts for about 4 to 5 hours of surfing. 3G enables us to develop a speed of 7.2 mbps. Relax, this is great to watch the movie from Youtube with an average resolution, if you want to watch in HD you have to wait for at least one third has buffered.

Smart Bro Pocket WIFI prices 

As i mentioned above, cost of this modem was 1900 pesos. You can buy it in many shops who sell mobiles and tablets. It is a prepaid modem, so here is the example of tariff.  
UNLISURF 80 - the number 2200 - load us online for two days               ( cost 80 pesos )
UNLISURF 200 - the number 2200 - recharged us online for five days    ( cost 200 pesos )
UNLISURF 999 - the number 2200 - recharged us online at thirty days.  ( cost 999 pesos )

A small note - if you Buy a month, usually after a period of two weeks the internet significantly slows down, so it is better to load every five days, so we do, comes to 200 pesos more but there are no problems with speed. 

Smart Bro Pocket WIFI settings

It is important to set your WIFI  password, because in the blink of an eye, someone unwanted will connect. I prepared a short video on Youtube.
An additional thing, worth to set up is the DNS. If they you don't set them, Your DNS is a modem gateway address that is, the address of which is the internal network, and the time to translations  pages address to the IP address take times. To accelerate the opening up of our web pages you have to manually enter them ( the DNS addresses ) into the settings of our connection on your computer or mobile. DNS to use is:
They are the SMART network DNS, they will run  fast.

To check the status of your account send a text message -? 15001 - the number 214

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